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The Living Our Faith section highlights Catholics and Catholic organizations who are living the Catholic faith in their daily lives through their prayer, works, and generous service to the community.

St. Louisan Peter Raven offers scientific advice to pope

Botanist and leading advocate of conservation and biodiversity Peter Raven views climate changes as unfairly burdening the poor, who will see their farmland decrease and energy costs increase.

"If you're rich, you can move to higher ground, pay more money for food," he said.

Church teachings guide efforts for the environment

An example of the sustainable and chemical-free care promoted by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Help is the pond on their property. The sisters introduced grass-eating carp and reduced fertilizer use, and have brought the pond’s algae levels under control in just one year. Sister Elizabeth Ann Hall, Sister Joann Nowak, Sister Pat Paczosa and Maurice Lange, director of Eco-Justice, obvserved the progress.

Maurice Lange reached down to check the soil in the garden at the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Help 40-acre property in DeSoto.

Clearly all is well, as the soil held healthy rows of green plants soon to bring a bountiful harvest of potatoes, peas, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, garlic, beans and okra. The plants, along with flowers that attract bees and butterflies, are grown in earth-friendly ways, without chemically-based insecticides and fertilizers.

A place to call home: The Pope Francis House’s new homeowner looking forward to a new start


Latasha is already dreaming about the housewarming party.

It's going to include a barbecue and backyard games with friends and family. She's been looking at patio sets -- a place for her guests to sit and enjoy the crisp weather come this September.

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An evangelizing presence in the digital world

Who is the most influential person in the world?

Pope Francis, of course.

For the the third year in a row, Pope Francis' @Pontifex is the most influential Twitter account, according to "Twiplomacy" -- the study of world leaders' Twitter accounts and their retweet rates.

Pope Francis gets about 9,929 retweets for every tweet on his Spanish account and 7,527 retweets on average on his English account.

The Matriarch of caregivers

Mary Ann Huber was called to open Twin Oaks Estates in 1981 after working in a skilled care facility. "I just wanted to take them home and love them and care for them," she said of the elderly residents in skilled care. Faith is strong at Twin Oaks, where Huber gave Holy Communion to resident Tony Campisi in April. 

On a cool spring morning, almost two dozen residents lined the pews in the tiny chapel at Twin Oaks Estate in O'Fallon. The weekly Rosary was about to begin, but the regular leader was a no-show. So, Mary Ann Huber jumped right in and started the group in praying the Joyful Mysteries.

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Mary Ann Huber distributes the Eucharist every Wednesday and Sunday at Twin Oaks Estate. She gave Tony Campisi Eucharist while he was in his bed. Huber began her mission to serve the elderly in 1981 and with the help of her husband, Bill, she began Twin Oaks Estate with 12 elderly residents. Located on seven wooded acres in O’Fallon, the site now has room for 149 residents.

First St. Louis Mass Mob evokes memories, pride for north St. Louis church

Mass Mob at Most Holy Trinity Church.

Pat DeWitt often played in the priests' garage at Most Holy Trinity Church in north St. Louis.

"They had this big old garage," DeWitt recalled. "A lot of times nobody would be there, so my girlfriends and I would set up our doll stuff inside. Father Schoen was the pastor when I was here. If he'd come home when we had all our stuff set up out there, he'd just go park on the street."

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