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The Living Our Faith section highlights Catholics and Catholic organizations who are living the Catholic faith in their daily lives through their prayer, works, and generous service to the community.

2015 in review: A look at the stories, photos and topics of note in #CatholicSTL

Major news events worldwide were reflected in local activities involving Catholics in the St. Louis Archdiocese in 2015. Issues surrounding abortion and refugees had an impact. Pope Francis' visit to the United States, the papal effort to stress mercy and the pope's encyclical on the environment energized Catholics in the St. Louis community as well.

How to help Syrian refugees

Pope Francis and the Catholic bishops have called on the U.S. government and the international community to provide support to both Syrian refugees fleeing violence and to countries that have been at the forefront of this humanitarian effort.

Suggestions on how to help:

Donate to the collection at your parish

• Pray for migrants and refugees, for their plight and for peace.

DEFENDING LIFE: How to get involved and talk about abortion

Kyla spoke at a rally outside of Planned Parenthood on July 28. Reagan Nielson, Midwest regional coordinator for Students for Life of America, held Kyla’s 2-year-old daughter.


KyLee loves hearing her Momma read the same book over and over. The 2-year-old also likes snuggling with her special Winnie the Pooh blanket -- and Mom -- at bedtime.

The routine plays every night, but mom Kyla doesn't mind.

"She's a little mini-me," Kyla said, grinning.

'Encountering and walking with' people has positive effect in Ferguson

Lisa Johnston | | @aeternusphoto On the third night after the first year anniversary of the shooting death of Michael Brown, and after a state of emergency was declared in Ferguson, protesters again gathered along W. Florissant Ave. to voice their displeasure with local police.  A young man looked and watched for police as protesters attempted to shut down W. Florissant Avenue to traffic.

The ministers attending ecumenical prayer services in Ferguson and Florissant on top of a year of prayer gave Sister Cathy Doherty, SSND, reason for optimism Aug. 9.

"Because of all the praying and everything, people are coming together," she said. "All the ministers coming together and praying with our congregations and listening. ... People have been praying together and being together all year.

"That's what people are talking about."

Electric car proves worthy investment for wallet, earth

Jim Struckel, a Cure of Ars parishioner, has solar panels on his roof and owns an electric car, which he charged at Missouri Botanical Garden’s charging station. He said that more world leaders need to promote caring for our earth, as Pope Francis did in the encyclical, ‘Laudato Si.’

Jim Struckel sat in his car -- a sharp-looking compact four-door with an aerodynamic design -- in the shade on the Missouri Botanical Garden's parking lot while reading the daily newspaper.

A closer look showed that his car was hooked up to one of the garden's four electric vehicle charging stations. There is no charge for the use of the charging stations, with a full charge taking between four and five hours.

Students grow in faith through prayer, community, service during summer break

Weston Kenney | | Instagram: westonkenney
Emilee Richie, deep in prayer, knelt at adoration at the XLT praise and worship event June 17 at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Church in Ferguson. Richie and other teens are finding ways to remain involved in their faith over the summer break. “God doesn’t stop loving so why would we stop loving Him?” asked Richie.

Bright and early on a summer morning, seven teenagers stroll into your parish's daily Mass. You do a double take, blink a few times, but they're still there. Aren't they usually sleeping? Playing video games? Letting each day roll lazily by?

Some teens might, but not those from St. Louis LifeTeen. They're among the many St. Louis area youth groups in full swing, morning to evening, throughout summer break.

Prayer and Community

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