Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

'Lost Souls'

Letters to the editor


I found your article very interesting (Dear Father column, "Sacristan entrusted with making sure everything in place for Mass," Oct. 21-27). However, I noted you used the words he, his and him 16 times. I never saw the words she or her mentioned.

The parish I'm in has basically five sacristans; four are females and one male. Two of the four females handle most of the responsibilities which includes the washing and ironing of the linens.

I'm not complaining, but in the future please give credit where credit is due to the female gender.

Letters to the editor


You could almost hear the world sigh with relief when Syria finally agreed to accept diplomatic negotiation for the inspection and destruction of their poison nerve gas and chemical weapons.

Letter to the editor

Annual Catholic Appeal totals

"Thank you for your contributions to the ACA" is really all that was needed when referencing the $14.2 million raised by the St. Louis Archdiocese. I am not a fan of publishing the parish-by-parish totals, bold print rankings, etc. Is this a contest whereby we really need to see whose parish gives the most, or meets their goals, or increases their percentage of participation?

Isn't it enough that people are generous for the sake of stewardship, and not to get their names in headlines?

I wonder what our most humble Pope Francis would think of all this?

Letters to the editor

Immigration reform

Recently, the U.S. House rejected Senate Bill 774 on comprehensive immigration reform and is working on its own bill. As I listen to the rhetoric surrounding immigration reform, I can't help but ask why, as a nation, do we deny our sisters and brothers who are seeking an opportunity to support their families the same possibilities our ancestors were given?

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