Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Supportive housing

We often hear statistics about persons who face huge odds because of mental health issues and/or criminal records. Your stories of real people in "More than Housing" (Feb. 10-16) clearly demonstrates that caring, supportive housing can offer a new beginning for many who are rarely welcomed into or able to handle "regular" housing.

Letters to the editor

Calendar, please

I noticed in the last two editions of the Review you did not have an events calendar. I looked forward to the events calendar because it showed where the different parishes activities were (like) fish fries, book fairs, performances, special services, etc. I would appreciate if the Review would continue to have an events calendar column.

Sally Bartholomew

St. Matthias the Apostle Parish Lemay

Letters to the editor

School drama

Letter to the editor

Moving article

Letters to the editor | On adoption

When I practiced law, many people asked me about my favorite kind of case.

The answer was easy -- adoptions. Part of my job was to make sure a proposed adoption would serve the child's best interests. I always asked the "parents-to-be" why they wanted to adopt a particular child, and their answers always brought tears to my eyes: "Because I love her," or "I always dreamed of having a child like him."

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