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Letters | "O Captain! Our Captain!"

We are indeed blessed to have Pope Francis captain the ship of our Catholic faith. In a welcoming display of compassion and forgiveness, he has turned our ship into a joyous gathering of all the faithful, making special room for the needy and the disenfranchised. In so doing, he has shed light on our mission as Catholics: to truly love one another as God has loved us.

Secularism vs. the natural law

Msgr. Matthew Mitas' article, "Only laws from God indicate if something is right or wrong" (Nov. 10-16) is very timely. Our U.S. society is embracing secularism, denying the Creator and worshiping the created, redefining right and wrong, finding new rights that were not endowed by our Creator, and political correctness with zero tolerance. Natural Law is not acknowledged by some Bible-based Christian denominations. The Catholic Church is the last true beacon of the truth. Secularism redefines religious freedom into freedom to worship: worshipping your God inside your church building.

Letter to the editor

Maronite Chorbishop John D. Faris suggested ("Canon lawyer examines Catholic, Orthodox practices on divorce," page 4, Oct. 27-Nov. 2) that the Catholic Church could possibly deal with the question of divorced and remarried Catholics receiving Holy Communion by granting a dispensation in particular cases. Chorbishop Faris pointed out that a dispensation is "an administrative act" that does not affect the law "which retains its force." True, but what he did not point out is that the Church can only grant a dispensation for Church law, not Divine Law.

Letters to the editor

Pray for marriage

Mike Hoey wrote a very good article on marriage ("The marriage crisis no one is talking about," Missouri Catholic Conference Messenger, August), but failed to include our greatest weapon against the attacks on holy matrimony and the family. I was brought up with the understanding that there were three main vocations in life: religious, married and single. While I frequently hear prayers for an increase in religious vocations, I almost never hear prayers for holy matrimony or singles.

Letter to the editor

Importance of attending Mass

The article about Antonio French ("Alderman French links activism to Catholic education," Aug. 25-31, page 14) appears to conclude that Mr. French's Catholic education is more important than his lack of involvement in the Church. At our first school parents' meeting last week, I told them they must bring their children to church and not just attend school. After all, going to church is a Commandment! You publicly praised a fallen-away Catholic and tangentially validated all other fallen-away Catholics. What is a priest to do?

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