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Letter to the editor | Repeal sanctioned death

Nebraska recently joined 18 other states in banning the death penalty. Missouri must follow suit. Far from weakening or diverting attention from Missouri's impressive history of pro-life legislation, repealing the death penalty would provide a credible demonstration of our state's consistency in valuing and protecting all human life.

Letters to the editor

Freedom of religion

Letters to the editor

A home run

I have to give Archbishop Robert J. Carlson credit for writing another brilliant column in the St. Louis Review (Before the Cross, Feb. 16). When the Archbishop uses the spiritual analogy of comparing Lent with baseball, he is telling the faithful God wants us to follow Him.

Without proper conditioning, baseball players can't set records, let alone make the team roster. We Catholics revere the cross as our championship trophy over sin, and our entry into heaven.

Letters to the editor

God's message

A few days ago posted on the archdiocese's facebook page were pictures of people celebrating their Catholicism by holding up signs that read "¡Somos Católicos!" (We are Catholic!"). I also noticed comments directed against the post. As an 11-year-old Hispanic Catholic, I was saddened by these comments. Without services in languages other than English, those who speak other languages would be unable to express their faith and share with others the gift of God's message.

Gaby Madriz, St. Cecilia Parish, St. Louis

Letters to the editor

A Peaceful Demonstration for Life

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