Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Divine Mercy

During the Year of Mercy, teachers should provide instruction about Divine Mercy as Jesus taught St. Faustina. The teachings and revelations in St. Faustina's diary are important for everyone to learn, partly because of Jesus' explicit warning to all of us. In St. Faustina's diary Jesus said:

Letter to the editor

The operations director for Pathology Services Inc. indicated that "she believes the lab receives all of the tissue -- not just a sample" which would make what they receive the complete bodily remains of human beings not "tissue." That would include the heart, lungs, liver, brains and other organs as well as the arms, legs, torso and head of the abortionists' victims. Human beings who were mercilessly and ruthlessly killed.

Letters to the editor

Freedom to choose

I am disheartened by Pat White's column on the incompatibility between Catholicism and the "right to work" bill under consideration in Missouri.

As long as unions continue to force their membership and dues on workers, and then use those dues to support political causes antithetical to the faith, I fail to see the compatibility between Catholicism and unionism.

Letters to the editor

Resources for life

I appreciate the St. Louis Review and value the information and updates.

Occasionally, I am puzzled by some of the information and the manner presented.

The Aug. 10-16 edition presented an article, "Women further victimized through harvesting of fetal parts."

Letters to the editor

Prayers for family

Letters to the editor

Responding with love, rooted in hope

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