Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


As a proud fourth-degree member of the Knights of Columbus, I applaud Archbishop (Robert J.) Carlson for calling the faithful to join him in celebrating his yearly Mass for Religious Freedom.

Letters to the editor

Language of Death

I have been reflecting upon recent articles written on the subject of abortion. It occurred to me as ironic that pro-lifers and pro-abortionists alike frequently use the same language when discussing what an abortionist does to a human being. Abortionists often are referred to as "providers." The act of abortion is called "a procedure" that is "performed." Recently I even saw abortifacient drugs described as "providing a service." In other words, we commonly use euphemistic language when referring to abortion.

Letter to the editor

Cord blood

Compassion and generosity are hallmarks of motherhood. As we look forward to this Mother's Day, there is a singularly meaningful way that expectant mothers can show compassion and give hope to people in need: by donating umbilical cord blood.

Cord blood, normally disposed of after birth, is unlike any other blood donation. It can be the only potentially life-saving treatment option for thousands of patients suffering from truly devastating blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma.

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