Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Addressing white privelege

Thank-you for publishing the two excellent guest columnist articles by Dorothy Dempsey and Cathy Pressimone (Viewpoints, Sept. 5-11) . Both articles addressed the need for all of us to be more mindful of the divide that sadly continues to exist between white persons and our black brothers and sisters.

Letters to the editor

Missouri Primaries

I want to point out that in the edition of June 13-19, the section "Around #CATHOLICSTL" is seriously incorrect when it declares: Although the Missouri primaries are over."

August 2 is the primary election for many state offices, including governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general and treasurer; county offices, such as sheriff and circuit attorney; and every congressman and one senator for Missouri.

Letters to the editor

Bishop Rice

I would like to thank you for the passionate article on Bishop Edward Rice (Without Hesitation, Page 2, May 2-8). He truly lives his call to discern God's will and is an authentic witness and minister of the Gospel.

Sister Mary Joan Meyer, FSM

Franciscan Sisters of Mary

Body of Christ

Letters to the editor

God's mercy

An early spring snow shower spread a blanket of pure white snow across our unsightly, leaf-littered backyard, a reminder of the transformative power of God's grace and how His gentle love caresses even the most callous and cynical among us.

Letter to the editor


Alas, we are told that our own government does not believe that a violation of the Little Sisters of the Poor's beliefs is a violation of their religious liberty. Just when we think that the Obama administration could not possibly become any more lost at sea than it already is, we hear this. Never underestimate the danger of those who absolutely refuse to see the light.

Letter to the editor

Every Friday good

With the season of Lent the Church urges us to pray the Holy Rosy and the Stations of the Cross. Why limit those to Lent?

I have a suggestion for old retirees like myself. At age 93 I have plenty of free time, so I set aside a time each day to pray the Rosary and I make every Friday a "good Friday." To further enjoy the prayers, I imagine being with the gang, following Christ as He trudges through each station. This makes my prayers more interesting and not automatic.

Bill Mandle, Manchester 

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