Director puts Billiken Teacher Corps in ‘Teach Me’ mode

Father Ronny O’Dwyer, SJ, director of the Billiken Teacher Corp at St. Louis University, was welcomed to the university at a reception Aug. 11 at SLU’s Pere Marquette Gallery in St. Louis.

New and returning members of the Billiken Teacher Corps were in for a ride after the program of St. Louis University's School of Education named its first director.

Red-carpet treatment celebrates students


Celebrate good times, come on!

The sound of Kool & the Gang's "Celebration" greeted students entering St. Anthony Catholic School in Sullivan for the first time of the 2016-17 academic year.

But neither the 1982 St. Louis Cardinals' theme song nor the other entry songs, including "Back to School Again" from Grease 2, ranked as the coolest part about the first day of school.

BRIMMING WITH HOPE | Catholic school graduates serve the common good

Kurt Nelson

What do a man on Long Island, a resident of Ballwin, and a priest from Argentina have in common? The answer: They have all been served selflessly by a St. Louis Catholic school graduate in the past month.

Fontbonne discussions on race focus on solving issues

The sessions of Fontbonne University's "Take Your Summer Seriously" have come at a perfect time, though the tragic events that lead to that description have been anything but.

'Dame Mary' from St. Louis University received honor of papal knighthood

Mary Bruemmer was awarded the honor of Dame Commander of the Order of St. Sylvester, Pope and Martyr on June 29. at St. Louis University. Bruemmer, 96, graduated from SLU in 1942, later worked there for 34 years, then volunteered full-time for 26 years. Archbishop Robert J. Carlson bestowed her with the papal honor, given who demonstrate exemplary lives in society, business and the military.

Back in 1938, Franklin D. Roosevelt was in the second term of four as president of the United States, the St. Louis Cardinals had won three World Series titles, and Mary Bruemmer entered St. Louis University as a freshman.

In late June, a dozen presidents, eight World Series titles and 78 years later, Bruemmer left the Midtown campus as a Dame Commander of the Order of St. Sylvester, Pope and Martyr. The papal honor is given to those who demonstrate exemplary lives in society, business and the military.

Five Catholic non-profits named as top workplaces in St. Louis

Sedrick Williams, a case manager at Marygrove, worked with Nicholas, who made his daily check in at the University of St. Louis web portal to check in on financial aid.  Having been moved around in 14 different foster homes, the high school senior found inner strength at Marygrove and is graduating with honors to go and study engineering at Mizzou starting this summer. Marygrove have often been through multiple, failed placements in other residential facilities or foster homes. Many come from abusive, violent and severely disruptive family situations; some come from failed adoptions; and, in a few instances, children are discharged from psychiatric hospitals directly to Marygrove. Most of the residents are diagnosed with behavioral and psychiatric disorders as a result of abuse and neglect.

Rewards come in small but special moments for Marygrove employees

Like, at a grocery story, when a former resident, all grown up now, warmly greets a staffer who positively influenced his life.

"That's very powerful," said Kathryn Feldt, Marygrove's chief development officer.

Or when they see Marygrove youngsters play for the first time on sports teams or learn to swim, ride bikes or to drive. Or when they see on Facebook that a former resident lists Florissant as his home town because, well, that's where Marygrove is.

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