BRIMMING WITH HOPE | Summer downtime is good for your brain

Kurt Nelson

"I'm bored!" How many times has that phrase been uttered at your house this summer? Parents and caregivers cringe at that complaint, but it might actually be more of an opportunity for your child than a problem.

Discipine program grows from seed of virtues

“I think it (a virtue) is an action,” said Corey Hunn, a seventh-grader at Holy Trinity Catholic School. “You have to do it rather than just think about it to improve your behavior.” Corey was invited to speak at the 2015 Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline Summer Institute Conference for teachers who teach in Catholic schools around the Untied States. Corey spoke about his own experience with discipline in school and contributed his ideas about what virtue means to him.

When Lynne Lang joined the archdiocesan Office of Catholic Education, she did so without the usual trappings of a new hire.

Like, a job title, or a job description, for that matter. And forget about a corner office, no matter that the education offices are in the round building -- sans corners -- on Lindell. She had no office, period.

"Nothing," she said, with a laugh.

But she arrived with an abundance of passion and a mission to transform the discipline process in Catholic schools.

Catholic Education Center retirees reflect on their experiences and hopes for the future

Five employees of the archdiocesan Catholic Education Center are retiring or moving on to other pursuits this month. The St. Louis Review asked each of them three questions: What have your learned during your time at the Catholic Education Center? What is your favorite memory? and What do you plan to do next?

Setbacks fail to deter Marygrove resident headed to Mizzou

Sedrick Williams, left, a case manager at Marygrove, worked with Michael, who was checking in on financial aid. Having been moved around in 14 foster homes, Michael found support at Marygrove and is graduating with honors to study engineering at Mizzou starting this summer. Marygrove provides a safe and nurturing environment for foster children who often have been through multiple, failed placements in other residential facilities or foster homes.

Michael entered the foster care system when he was 4 years old. He went through 14 foster placements and 10 schools before coming to Marygrove.
Like many children at Marygrove, it was a rough go for Michael in his childhood.
Michael's road was a winding one, but now he is graduating from high school with honors and is heading to the University of Missouri-Columbia this summer where he'll begin studies in engineering.

'Beyond Sunday': Roman Catholic Foundation campaign to provide for Catholic education

In what is being hailed as an "historic fund-raising initiative," the Roman Catholic Foundation of Eastern Missouri launches a campaign Monday, June 1, that will make Catholic education more affordable.

The "Beyond Sunday" campaign, which will be conducted over the next two years, hopes to raise more than $100 million to build a war chest that will not only aid students from low- and middle-income families but also benefit programs or schools that enhance the already strong curriculum at Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

Billiken Teacher Corps 'rockstars' focus on community, service and students

John James of St. Louis University referred to the inaugural class of the Billiken Teacher Corps as "rockstars."

"That's the standard we set; our first year out of the chute, they had to be rockstars," said James, the assistant professor in the College of Education and Public Service entrusted with the Corps, along with SLU's Father Christopher Collins, SJ.

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