Editorial | Hold Planned Parenthood accountable

As the Missouri legislative session comes to a close in a few weeks, lawmakers remain strong in their efforts to pass laws that hold abortion providers accountable for how they handle the remains of aborted babies.

Editorial | Spread ‘The Joy of Love’

The Institute for Family Studies is a nonpartisan group with a good reputation for its efforts dedicated to strengthening marriage and family life.

Editorial | Dialogue on race remains essential

The civil rights era was an important time in the history of our country. Priests, religious sisters and brothers and lay Catholic faithful were involved in the struggle. We're proud of the legacy of the participation of the Catholic Church and Catholics during such historic and challenging times.

Editorial | Act in solidarity with all

It's been said many times and in many ways in replies to appeals to help the world's poorest people in countries far from ours — in Africa, South America or the Caribbean .

"I don't want to respond because we have so many needy people right here in our own country, in our own town even."

Editorial | Celebrate our life in Christ at Easter, always

We were tricked. We thought that we could take it easy now that Lent is over. But when we study the meaning of Easter, we realize that what we were doing in Lent is actually what we needed to do all along and need to continue doing — but maybe with a little more joy.

Editorial | An obligation to aid the persecuted

It's far removed from life in the middle of America, but the suffering of Christians and others in the Middle East demands our concern and compassion.

The news is barely covered in the U.S. lately, considering the boisterous presidential election campaigns, stock market and oil price fluctuations, weather patterns and other concerns. Even celebrities' comings and goings get more attention.

Refugees, displaced people, the elderly, children and the sick in the Middle East are in need of our help. People are dying of untreated illnesses, being kidnapped and killed.

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