Editorial | Act in solidarity with all

It's been said many times and in many ways in replies to appeals to help the world's poorest people in countries far from ours — in Africa, South America or the Caribbean .

"I don't want to respond because we have so many needy people right here in our own country, in our own town even."

Editorial | Celebrate our life in Christ at Easter, always

We were tricked. We thought that we could take it easy now that Lent is over. But when we study the meaning of Easter, we realize that what we were doing in Lent is actually what we needed to do all along and need to continue doing — but maybe with a little more joy.

Editorial | An obligation to aid the persecuted

It's far removed from life in the middle of America, but the suffering of Christians and others in the Middle East demands our concern and compassion.

The news is barely covered in the U.S. lately, considering the boisterous presidential election campaigns, stock market and oil price fluctuations, weather patterns and other concerns. Even celebrities' comings and goings get more attention.

Refugees, displaced people, the elderly, children and the sick in the Middle East are in need of our help. People are dying of untreated illnesses, being kidnapped and killed.

Editorial | ‘Tools in the hands of God’

Serving others in need is not a new concept for permanent deacons of the archdiocese, since it goes on every day.

But it's welcome news that the permanent deacons are organizing an archdiocesan-wide drive to collect baby diapers for those in need. Deacons primarily will organize collections in their parishes the weekend of March 12 and 13.

Local pregnancy resource centers, St. Vincent de Paul conferences and neighborhood social service agencies are among those who will distribute the items.

Editorial | Called to love, do good, avoid evil

There are times when the Church tells us things that are uncomfortable to hear.

Pope Francis, for example, has said that today's economy often specializes in the enjoyment of individual well-being, yet widely exploits family relationships. In Philadelphia last fall, he stated that widespread consumerism and desire to follow new fads has rendered youth fearful of commitments, and said that youth must be brave in going against the tide.

As followers of Christ we're called to love, to do what is good and avoid evil.

Editorial | Pope Francis stresses family life, need to be one Church everywhere

Pope Francis grabbed our attention when he visited the United States in September, and he's done it again with his visit to Mexico.

On Feb. 15 in Tuxlia Gutierrez, Mexico, Pope Francis said family life is not always easy and often is a struggle, but he pleaded for perseverance, saying family life was one of the solutions to increasing isolation and uncertainty and its unintended consequences.

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