Dear Father

‘Dear Father’

Many times I have received help through the intercession of the saints, yet now their importance seems to be downplayed by many in the Church. Has the role of the saints changed, or do those responsible for Catholic education just not explain things as they should?

‘Dear Father’

What is the practice of the Church with regard to the baptism of a stillborn child?

‘Dear Father’

When does the Communion fast begin, at the onset of Mass or an hour before the reception of Holy Communion?

‘Dear Father’

A Lutheran friend says his Bible is different than the Catholic Bible. I am now confused, for I always thought all Bibles were the same. Could you explain the difference between the Catholic Douai-Rheims Bible that I am using and the Protestant Bible?

'Dear Father'

Do parish councils or finance councils have any administrative authority within parishes?

'Dear Father’

How did the Code of Canon Law come into being? Can it ever be changed?

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