Dear Father

DEAR FATHER | Water added to wine in chalice as symbol of blood, water that flowed from Christ

Father John Mayo

Why is water added to only the celebrant's chalice and not the chalices used for distributing the Blood to the congregation? 

One of the movements of the offertory, after the gifts are brought to the altar, is that the deacon, or if there is no deacon the priest, pours a little water into the wine. St. Thomas Aquinas in his great "Summa Theologica" lists several reasons for this addition of water to the wine.

DEAR FATHER | The Church uses Latin to commonly teach the faith

Father John Mayo

When was Latin made the official language for the entire Latin Rite Catholic Church Mass prayers? 

DEAR FATHER | Indulgences play a small part in restoring justice

Father John Mayo

On Divine Mercy Sunday I heard about an Indulgence offered for that day. I did not think the Church believed in Indulgences any more. If so, what are they? 

DEAR FATHER | Divine Mercy feast is fulfillment of Easter promise

Father John Mayo

What is the feast of Divine Mercy? 

DEAR FATHER | How to break the feeling of being “bored” at Mass

Mass is so boring! What can I do to get into it more? 

Today, there are more ways for us to be entertained than ever before. With such a plethora of choices, it's easy for us to always be looking for that which excites us the most. When that high begins to wain a bit, it's quite easy for us to press a button to partake in something even more entertaining than before.

DEAR FATHER | Handling the gifts at Mass with care

Father John Mayo

What happens if the (unconsecrated) offertory gifts are dropped?

Growing up, my parents occasionally went to Shop 'n Save. My job was to bag the groceries. In my teenage gusto, I bagged the groceries heavy, stuffing as much as I could in the bags. I remember Mom reminding me on at least a few occasions to bag the bread separately and to put it in a separate place, lest it get smashed. I remember a few sandwiches at school that didn't quite look the same as the other students until I had learned this lesson.

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