Dear Father

Dear Father | Omitting use of the Tetragrammaton is sign of respect for holy name of God

Msgr. Matthew Mitas

Q: Why did the Church remove all references to God as ‘Yahweh’ from hymns?

Dear Father | Jesus' Passion was part of God's divine plan

Msgr. Matthew Mitas

Q: Why did Jesus have to die on the cross? Couldn’t there have
been another way for Him to bring about the salvation of the world?

This highly theoretical question has been pondered by many a great mind through history. It all boils down to this: Could Jesus have simply declared to the whole human race that all their sins were forgiven without His suffering on the cross? We're tempted to say yes, if that were God's will, because nothing is impossible for God (cf: Luke 1:37).

Dear Father | By 'dying to self' in vocation, we become a living image of Christ

Father John Mayo

Q: Sometimes I hear religious, priests or others describe their vocation as a ‘dying to self.’ What does that mean?

Dear Father | Giving up meat during Lent is a sign of solidarity with one another

Father John Mayo

Q: Why is it that we choose meat to abstain from during Lent? Why not something else?”

Dear Father | The risen body is a moment for 'sheep' to be separated from 'goats'

Father John Mayo

Q: What does it mean in the creed when we say, ‘… I look forward to the resurrection of the dead?’

Dear Father | Father knows best: Trusting God when it comes to prayer

Father John Mayo

Q: I often pray to God, but he never seems to answer my prayers. What am I doing wrong?

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