Dear Father

Dear Father | Pray for conversion of those who have not sought forgiveness

Father John Mayo

Do you have to forgive someone who has wronged you when they don’t seek your forgiveness?

DEAR FATHER | Professing faith in the Eucharist is the work of the entire Mass

Father John Mayo

In the creed, there is no mention of the Eucharist. If the Eucharist is so central to the Church, then why is it not mentioned?

DEAR FATHER | Scriptures reveal God's intention for use of grape wine at Mass

Father John Mayo

Why do we use grape wine at Mass? Does is make a difference if it is red or white? 

As spring approaches, we happily await berry season. While many of these berries will be eaten, some will be turned into different kinds of wine.

With so many wineries and individuals fermenting not only grapes but various fruits into wine, why does the Church exclusively use grape wine at Mass? Why not use another wine like cherry that looks more like human blood than red or white wine?

Dear Father | TV Mass is Godsend for the sick and homebound; for the rest of us, get to church

Father John Mayo

Does watching a televised Mass count toward one's Sunday obligation? 

DEAR FATHER | Exclusive ordination of men contained in deposit of faith from Jesus

Msgr. Matthew Mitas

St. John Paul II made it unequivocally clear that the Catholic Church will not have women priests when, in 1994, he re-affirmed the Church's ancient practice of only ordaining males in the decree "Ordinatio Sacerdotalis." He stated that the exclusive ordination of men was something already contained in the deposit of faith that Jesus has given to His Church, and that even he, the Vicar of Jesus Christ, had no authority whatsoever to change it. In essence, he was saying that the Church does not invent but rather transmits the teaching and action of her Head Jesus Christ.

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