Dear Father

DEAR FATHER | Temptation is most common form of spiritual warfare

Father John Mayo

What is spiritual warfare and what does it mean to an average Catholic?

Dear Father | Showing a greater reverence for the Lord's name

Father John Mayo

Our questioner knows the Bible well, for he basically quoted verbatim the Second Commandment as found in Exodus and Leviticus. While the meaning of this commandment seems apparent, a closer examinatiom helps us to realize the deeper truth the Lord is trying to tell us here and apply it in our lives.

DEAR FATHER | Men and women are meant to collaborate to grow the Church

Father John Mayo

Q: How can women promote change within the Church, especially since they are not allowed to become clerics? 

Women have been instruments of change within the Church since the first exultation of Easter joy rang out in the heart of the Church. The Lord chose to first proclaim to women the message of His triumph over sin and death and entrusted them to rouse the Church to the joyful exultation of His victory.

DEAR FATHER | Sacred spaces reflect holy nature of matrimony

Msgr. Matthew Mitas

Q: Can Catholics get married outdoors? Why or why not?

DEAR FATHER | Seeing the Trinity in daily life helps us understand the mystery

Father John Mayo

How do you explain the Trinity to children?

Dear Father | Blessed Mother's virginity speaks to a spiritual kind of maternity

Q: What does the Church teach with regard to the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Mother?

The perpetual virginity of Mary -- that she retained her virginity throughout her entire earthly existence -- is a dogma of the Catholic Church. The Church teaches it because, like the Resurrection of the Lord, it is a historical fact. The Church cannot teach as fact something that didn't happen. That doesn't mean, however, that it doesn't contain miraculous elements, nor should we overlook the theological significance of it.

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