Dear Father

DEAR FATHER | When a priest is unavailable to give Anointing of the Sick

Father John Mayo

Recently, a relative of mine died without the last rites, because a priest could not be found before they died. Why could we not find a priest in our hour of need? 

DEAR FATHER | Reasons vary for pattern in distributing Communion under one or both species

Father John Mayo

Why is the Precious Blood offered at some Masses but not others? 

DEAR FATHER | When a priest is on vacation, he doesn't take a break from vocation

Father John Mayo

Do priests and bishops celebrate Mass while they are away from their assignments? If so, how? 

In the seminary, we had a phrase to not take a vacation from vocation. This means that even while we were away from the seminary, or as priests from our assignments, that we were still to strive for holiness through how we conducted ourselves and by taking time for prayer.

DEAR FATHER | Key to understanding need for music at Mass lies in concept of gradation

Father John Mayo

Is music required at Mass? Why can't we have a quiet Mass without the use of music? 

DEAR FATHER | Bells at Mass bring joyful noise to the Lord, focus attention on altar

Father John Mayo

When did bells start being used at Mass? What is the proper way of using bells at the consecration and other parts of the Mass?

DEAR FATHER | Just who are the "princes of the Church?"

Father John Mayo

I would like to know more about cardinals. Where does the name cardinal come from? Why do they wear red? How do I properly address a cardinal? 

In St. Louis, when we think of cardinals, we immediately think of the best team in Major League Baseball. A few might still think of the professional football team, the Big Red, even though they split to Arizona almost 30 years ago. Around here, our minds don't immediately go to the men known as "The Princes of the Church."

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