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Soul-stirring portraits give a sense of life in Haiti

Children in Haiti.
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'October Baby' presents strong pro-life message

Co-director/writer/producer Joe Erwin worked on location with actress Rachel Hendrix in a scene from the new pro-life movie, "October Baby."

When Jon Erwin first heard the term "abortion survivor" he was shocked.

"I didn't know those two words ever went together," said Erwin, a writer-director-producer who has been working behind the cameras with his brother Andrew since high school."I heard Gianna Jessen speak. She's an abortion survivor. I never knew there were any."

More of the top films of 2011

This is the second part of a two-part story on the top films of 2011.

Writer-director Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris," asks the question: Would you be happier living in a long-ago, mythically remembered past? A frustrated Hollywood screenwriter and would-be novelist (Owen Wilson) gets to find out when he gains mysterious entree to the French capital of the 1920s (Adults, PG-13).

Ever-increasing attacks on Church calling us to martyrdom

Rapper/singer Nicki Minaj performed onstage at the 54th annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 12 in Los Angeles.

Sunday night I returned home after spending several hours at the Cardinal Rigali Center with some of my fellow employees, where we had been working on our latest response to the HHS mandate. As I was walking into the house, I received a text message from a friend which read, "if you're in front of your television, turn on the Grammys...some woman is on an anti-Catholic rant."

High court ponders rules on profanity on broadcast networks

WASHINGTON -- After nearly a decade of threats, fines and court challenges, America may finally learn for sure whether the federal government has the authority to punish the airing of indecent material on broadcast television.

Or, we will get to see a continuing game of cat and mouse between the Federal Communications Commission and the broadcast networks to see where the line should be drawn and how thickly.

Movie Ratings

Ratings are supplied by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

For current reviews, see



ARTHUR CHRISTMAS: Adults/adolescents.

CONTRABAND: Morally offensive.


THE DESCENDANTS: Limited adult audience.

THE DEVIL INSIDE: Morally offensive.

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