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'Before The Cross' by Archbishop Robert J. Carlson. Archbishop Carlson is the ninth Archbishop of Saint Louis. Listed below are the most recent columns written by Archbishop Carlson; click on the title to read the column. The Archdiocesan website has more information about Archbishop Robert J. Carlson.

Evangelization begins with our love

The Church always evangelizes, the Holy Father tells us, because it is the nature of the Church to give witness to the person of Jesus Christ and His saving message.

Before the Cross | Every day should be Thanksgiving Day

Superintendent of Catholic education George Henry spoke from the podium while Archbishop Robert J. Carlson listened at St. Dominic High School in O’Fallon. The archbishop blessed and dedicated the school’s new family center and performing arts center Nov. 20.

Are you angry, hurt or lonely? Are you unhappy because people or situations in your life make you uncomfortable or afraid?

If so, you are not alone. Many people share your anxieties. As a result, the holiday season too often is a time of sorrow instead of a time of joy.

There are those who suffer from serious disorders that require professional help. I urge anyone who needs medical attention or professional counseling to seek help. But for those whose suffering is not clinical but the result of day-to-day emotional or spiritual problems, I believe I have a solution.

Before the Cross | Silence is essential to the evangelization of the young Church

Silence is not simply the absence of noise. It is a necessary condition for discernment and reflection, for meditation and prayer, and for "welcoming the word" into our minds and hearts.

Silence is necessary for evangelization -- welcoming God's word and integrating it into our daily lives. Unless we are able to filter out the ever-increasing bombardment of messages of social communication and mass media, there is no way we can welcome God's word. Or reflect on it prayerfully. Or act on it in our daily lives.

Before the Cross | Practical suggestions arise from Mission Advancement Initiative

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson gave the homily during Mass to open a meeting of the Missouri bishops and major superiors of religious congregations at the Cardinal Rigali Center. BishopJames V. Johnston of Springfield-Cape Girardeau looked on.

On Oct. 29 we held the second annual archdiocesan Pastoral Assembly. Representatives from every parish and school in our archdiocese were invited to participate. The focus of the assembly this year was evangelization.

Several new initiatives were discussed including Catholics Come Home, the media campaign that will be conducted in the archdiocese during the Advent and Christmas seasons and Catholic St. Louis, a new magazine that will be published by the archdiocese -- with distribution to every Catholic household -- beginning in January.

Students inspired by teachers who witness to the faith

The fifth essential mark of a school's Catholic identity is the witness of teachers and staff who inspire students with their Catholic faith. Of all the marks of a school's Catholic identity this is the most important. The witness of faithful women and men is what makes it possible for us to hand on the faith to our young Church and help students reach their full potential as persons made in the image of God.

Our schools provide students a Catholic view of world


The fourth essential mark of a school's Catholic identity is that a Catholic worldview is reflected in everything that is taught or offered to students experientially. What do I mean by "a Catholic worldview," and why is it an essential characteristic of a school's Catholic identity?

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