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'Before The Cross' by Archbishop Robert J. Carlson. Archbishop Carlson is the ninth Archbishop of Saint Louis. Listed below are the most recent columns written by Archbishop Carlson; click on the title to read the column. The Archdiocesan website has more information about Archbishop Robert J. Carlson.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Families mirror the fruitful nature of the Trinity

Five sisters of the Lovers of the Holy Cross of Phat Diem made their perpetual religious professions at Resurrection of Our Lord Parish in south St. Louis on July 19. The community came to the Archdiocese from Vietnam by invitation of Archbishop Robert J. Carlson, who was the principal celebrant of the Mass. The five religious are, from left, Sister Teresa Din Thi Cuc, Sister Maria Vu Thi Diep, Sister Tran Thi Khuyen, Sister Maria Nguyen Thi Thuy and Sister Anna Vu Thi Thuyen.

As I continue this series on the family, I want to reflect about children in the family. I do so with a special awareness that July 20-26 was designated Natural Family Planning Week by the U.S. bishops.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Marriage: The first building block of family life

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson celebrated Mass for the Steubenville Youth Conference on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield July 12. Over the course of two weekends, approximately 7,400 teens, youth ministers, chaperones and volunteers are expected to attend the annual event.

Continuing this series on the family, I want to reflect about the relationship between husband and wife -- the first building block of family life.

Whether married or not, most of us have engaged in some kind of service work. And service work -- even when it tires us physically -- is spiritually energizing. Why should that be the case?

BEFORE THE CROSS | Family Life: Relationships shape our whole life

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson

As we enter into the heart (and the heat!) of the St. Louis summer, when many of us spend some extra time with our families, I want to reflect with you on family life.

I propose that we begin with what's right in front of us at this time of year: July 4 -- Independence Day.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Sts. Peter and Paul carry on Christ's healing ministry

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson and Sister Joan Andert, SSND, president of Rosati-Kain High School, threw the first dirt during a ground-breaking ceremony for the expansion and renovation of Rosati-Kain High School. Work on the new three-story facility connected to the current building will begin with the demolition of the convent building and will add approximately 12,000 square feet of room to the school in the Central West End.

On Sunday, June 29, we celebrate the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul. These two great saints are known for many things, especially their leadership of the early Church, but today I would like to reflect on the ministry of healing that both of these men continued "in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazorean."

BEFORE THE CROSS | Let's fall in love with the Eucharist

Two years ago, I wrote a series of articles featuring "Eucharistic Saints," women and men from different eras with distinct backgrounds, skills and experiences. What they had in common was a deep devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and an absolute conviction that the holy Eucharist is "the source and summit of the Christian life." These saints have shown us by their worship, their contemplative prayer, their fellowship and their apostolic works that everything else must flow from the celebration of this great sacrament of Christ's love. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1324).

BEFORE THE CROSS | The Trinity is the central mystery of Christian life and belief

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson celebrated a memorial Mass June 2 for Jimmy Munford, who worked for some 45 years at the archbishop’s residence in the Central West End of St. Louis. The Mass was held in the St. Vincent de Paul Chapel at the Cardinal Rigali Center. Munford, 96, died May 25 at Mercy Hospital in Creve Coeur. He was known for his zest for life, especially as he continued working in his 90s.

Christians are baptized "in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." This is an ancient formula of the baptismal creed. It affirms that the Most Holy Trinity, one God in three persons, is the central mystery of Christian life and belief. Baptism immerses us into the mystery of God's inner life; it marks us indelibly with what St. Augustine called "the seal of the Lord," a permanent sign that we belong to God alone as children of the Father, members of Christ's body, and temples of the Holy Spirit.

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