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'Before The Cross' by Archbishop Robert J. Carlson. Archbishop Carlson is the ninth Archbishop of Saint Louis. Listed below are the most recent columns written by Archbishop Carlson; click on the title to read the column. The Archdiocesan website has more information about Archbishop Robert J. Carlson.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Ascension encourages growth in relationship with Jesus

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson

The readings this week prepare us to celebrate the Ascension.

It's important to realize that the Ascension isn't primarily about the departure of Christ. If it were, it would only be a source of sorrow.

Instead, the Ascension is about how Jesus stopped being present to the disciples in one way to become present to them in another way — both deeper and broader.

Before the Ascension, Jesus was in one place at a time; people had to wait for him to arrive. Jesus was one external object among others, a person outside of ourselves.

FRENTE A LA CRUZ | La Ascensión nos anima a hacer crecer nuestra relación con Jesús

Las lecturas de esta semana nos preparan para celebrar la Ascensión.

Es importante que nos demos cuenta que el mensaje principal de la Ascensión no es la partida de Cristo. Si así fuese, solo sería un motivo de dolor.

En su lugar, la Ascensión nos refiere como Jesús dejó de aparecerse a los discípulos de una forma para hacerse presente en ellos de otra manera — mucho más amplia y profunda.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Our debates should help spread the Gospel

Respect Life Apostolate Creative Writing Contest winners stood with Auxiliary Bishop Edward M. Riceafter receiving their awards. From left, Maria Klassen and Madeline Derleth from St. Joseph in Cottleville; Daniel Valporean homeschool from St Joseph in Manchester; Knights of Columbus State Respect Life Director Michael Auchly; Bishop Rice; Brian Cochran, nephew of Bishop Edward O’Donnell after whom one of the scholarships is named; Elle Reardon from St. Clement of Rome; and Eric Meyer from St. Charles Borromeo.

This week we celebrate the Feast of St. Mark and we hear of the "Jerusalem Conference" in the Acts of the Apostles. Both raise the question of a dispute. Both teach us something about seeing even deeper than the dispute at hand.

Gospel of Mark

FRENTE A LA CRUZ | Nuestros debates deben ayudar a difundir el Evangelio

Arzobispo Robert J. Carlson

Esta semana celebramos la Fiesta de San Marcos y oiremos acerca de la "Conferencia de Jerusalén" en los Hechos de los Apóstoles. Ambas lecturas nos plantean una disputa. Ambas nos enseñan algo sobre el ver más allá del problema que tenemos frente a nosotros.

Evangelio según San Marcos

BEFORE THE CROSS | Listen to Jesus when preparing to vote

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson

There are a little over 200 days between now and the November election. There are also over 200 chapters in the New Testament. Let's put those numbers together. Why?

We're going to hear many voices in the coming months as we prepare for the election. It isn't too soon to ask: Not only what voices are we hearing, but to what voices are we listening as we decide how to vote? What place does Jesus have among those voices?

FRENTE A LA CRUZ | Escucha a Jesús al prepararte a votar

Desde ahora hasta las próximas elecciones faltan alrededor de 200 días. Hay también alrededor de 200 capítulos en el Nuevo Testamento. Vamos a juntar estos números. ¿Por qué?

Durante los próximos meses vamos a oír muchas voces mientras nos preparamos para las elecciones. No es demasiado pronto para que nos preguntemos no solamente a qué voces estamos oyendo, sino también a cuáles voces escuchamos mientras pensamos cómo vamos a votar. ¿Qué lugar tiene Jesús entre esas voces?

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