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'Before The Cross' by Archbishop Robert J. Carlson. Archbishop Carlson is the ninth Archbishop of Saint Louis. Listed below are the most recent columns written by Archbishop Carlson; click on the title to read the column. The Archdiocesan website has more information about Archbishop Robert J. Carlson.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Following Christ an important aspect of freedom

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson, left, laughed with Mae Duggan June 18 after a luncheon and awards ceremony at which her husband, Martin Duggan, was posthumously awarded the Archbishop Robert J. Carlson Excellence in Communication Award. Duggan’s daughter, Mary Leahy, received the award on behalf of her father.

"So speak and so act as people who will be judged by the law of freedom." James 2:12

BEFORE THE CROSS | Finding challenges and blessings in God's call

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson

This week, we begin a cycle of readings from Genesis, the first book of the Bible; and we celebrate the feasts of three martyrs: St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher on June 22 and St. John the Baptist on June 24.


The cycle of readings from Genesis will take us from chapter 12 to chapter 50. These chapters tell the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. The story goes all the way from God's calling of Abraham through the almost-sacrifice of Isaac, from Jacob wrestling with the angel to the settling of the Israelites in Egypt in the time of Joseph.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Let's make our lives a gift to others

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson, left, spoke with Bishop Robert J. Baker of Birmingham on the opening day of the USCCB Spring General Assembly in St. Louis.

Welcome back to Ordinary Time.

Of course, technically, we've been in Ordinary Time since May 25 -- the day after Pentecost. But the Sundays after Pentecost were celebrations of the Most Holy Trinity and the Body and Blood of Christ. So June 14 is the first regular Sunday since Feb. 15 -- before Lent.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Contempletive sisters remind us that Jesus loves us

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson

"The Year for Consecrated Life concerns not only consecrated persons, but the entire Church. Consequently, I ask the whole Christian people to be increasingly aware of the gift which is the presence of our many consecrated men and women, heirs of the great saints who have written the history of Christianity." (Pope Francis, "Apostolic Letter to All Consecrated People")

BEFORE THE CROSS | Passionist Nuns: Finding value in suffering

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson celebrated Mass and delivered the State of the Archdiocese address to the Curia May 20 at the Cardinal Rigali Center.

"Have much at heart the spread of devotion to the Passion of Jesus." - St. Paul of the Cross

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