Catholic high schools score well on ACT

Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of St. Louis continue to thrive in American College Testing (ACT) achievement.

In data released Aug. 24, Catholic students from the Class of 2016 averaged 24.7 on the ACT, according to the Catholic Education Office.

That average composite score just about equals the 24.8 average of last year, and is 4.6 points ahead of the Missouri state average of public high school seniors — 20.2. The public school average declined 1.5 points, from 21.7 last year

Students in Catholic schools also led public school peers in individual subjects: 6.0 points in average English scores, 4.9 in reading, 3.8 points in science and 3.3 points in math.

"We are incredibly proud of our graduates," stated Kurt Nelson, the superintendent of Catholic education in the archdiocese. "We measure student success in many ways, and the ACT test scores again confirm the outstanding work of our students and teachers.

"Achieving this level of success at graduation is the result of hard work during the high school years, building on the strong foundation students receive in our Catholic elementary schools."

Last year, the archdiocese school system placed fourth in average ACT scores compared to public school systems in Missouri, behind only Ladue, Clayton and tiny King City in western Missouri. ACT averages for individual districts will be available for comparison next month.

The archdiocese school system is composed of 27 high schools, with 2,917 seniors taking the ACT in the past academic year. The archdiocese has more than 39,000 students overall, high school and elementary. It's the oldest and largest school system in the state of Missouri. 

Catholic schools Missouri in the archdiocese average

Composite 24.7 20.2

English 25.7 19.7

Mathematics 23.1 19.8

Reading 25.5 20.6

Science 24.2 20.4 

Archdiocesan High Schools
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