Letters to the editor

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Bishop Rice

I would like to thank you for the passionate article on Bishop Edward Rice (Without Hesitation, Page 2, May 2-8). He truly lives his call to discern God's will and is an authentic witness and minister of the Gospel.

Sister Mary Joan Meyer, FSM

Franciscan Sisters of Mary

Body of Christ

I was sad after I read the article "Backbone" of Catholic education back in Imperial School." (Page 12, April 25-May 1). I was sad that the article implied that all the lay principals of Catholic schools seem to run second class schools. I was sad also for all the lay administrators, teachers, office staff, volunteers who keep the St. Louis Catholic School System viable. What good is a "backbone" if there is no heart, head, arms, hands, legs, or feet?

Sister Rita Bruegenhagen

Loretto Center 

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