Letter to the editor


Alas, we are told that our own government does not believe that a violation of the Little Sisters of the Poor's beliefs is a violation of their religious liberty. Just when we think that the Obama administration could not possibly become any more lost at sea than it already is, we hear this. Never underestimate the danger of those who absolutely refuse to see the light.

When told of the Little Sisters' religious and conscientious inability to submit to the severely immoral dictates of the so-called Affordable Care Act, Obama's "solution" was to get a third party to perpetrate the evil on their behalf. This was so cynically called an "accommodation." How can power be given to those who know absolutely less than nothing of ethics, let alone objective morality? Conscience, let alone virtue, righteousness or truth?

When the Little Sisters are threatened with a fine of $70 million annually for noncompliance while large corporations like Exxon, Visa and Pepsi are fully exempt, we see the very extreme of evil, brutish, merciless, bullying government run amok and out of all conceivable control.

Father Bill Wigand

Regina Cleri, Shrewsbury 

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