BEFORE THE CROSS | Reflections on our rejections of God’s plan

Before the Cross - Archbishop Robert J. Carlson's Column

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The readings this week feature a series from the Gospel of John. Jesus performs His second and third signs, healing a child and healing a lame man at the pool of Bethesda. Paradoxically, the tension surrounding His ministry grows.

It would be easy to watch this tension externally, saying: "Look at how those people are growing in their opposition to Jesus. Too bad for them!" A better path for our reflections is an internal approach, asking: "Where have I resisted Jesus, and where do I still resist Him?"

The Old Testament readings for the week give a path into this reflection. The first three readings provide visions of heaven — just as Jesus' signs do. The last three readings show how the ancient Israelites responded by rejecting God — just as people reacted to the signs Jesus was performing.

These apparent opposites — visions of heaven and visions of rejection — are united in our experiences. Hasn't God given each of us a vision, an experience, of what He wants for our lives? And haven't we, in response, rejected His vision? Let's reflect on each aspect.

In the Old Testament readings for the week, Isaiah speaks of a new heavens and a new earth; Ezekiel speaks of water flowing from the Temple that makes salt water turn fresh and feed the trees that bear fruit every month. Think of the times in your life when God has seemed close, when you experienced a little bit of heaven on earth. Rest there. Give thanks to God.

Then, keep reading. See how the Israelites responded by building the Golden Calf; see how they plotted against the prophet Jeremiah. Think of the times in your life when you turned your back on God. Pause there. Turn to God in repentance.

In the seventh chapter of John, we read that "a division occurred in the crowd because of Jesus." We also know, from our experiences, that divisions occur in us because of Jesus. Part of us wants to follow Him and part of us doesn't. In the midst of that experience, what are we to do?

In our fallen state, we can't simply resolve that tension by a decision. Only the power of God can resolve it. So we resolve the tension by turning to God's mercy.

As we move into the fourth week of Lent, Palm Sunday appears on the horizon. It's one of the most psychologically challenging celebrations we have: in the Gospel for the procession, the congregation speaks for the crowds who welcomed Jesus with almost boundless enthusiasm. Then, in the Gospel for the Passion, the congregation speaks for that same crowd who, just a few days later, called for His crucifixion. But it's true, isn't it? Our commitments are sometimes just as fickle as that crowd 2,000 years ago.

Let's carry this reflection into the next few weeks as we turn toward Palm Sunday. Instead of pointing at others who rejected Jesus, let's look at ways we have rejected Jesus. And instead of being frustrated with our inconsistency, let's capitalize on the Year of Mercy. Let's take our inconsistency and pivot toward the Lord's mercy. Then, let's use our experiences to prepare to make a good confession this Holy Week. 

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