GUEST COLUMNIST | Racism and the soul of the Church

Thousands of people all over the world feel their lives are in shambles. They feel abandoned, with no one to whom to turn and no place to go. The Church has provided a strong point to hold on to for many who have lost their way.

The Church has always stood strong as the foundation God built. If not for the Church, our souls are without anchor and lost at sea.

Yet I ask you, where is the soul of the Church? It sometimes is difficult to perceive, especially when we Catholics have been taught to love one another and treat each other as we would like to be treated. We are all created equal in the sight of God.

Where is the soul of the churches and the organized religions and their leaders — the shepherds — who have a platform from which to speak out against racism and sometimes don't speak out because of fear.

Fear is the devil's advocate and can destroy your soul. A wise person once said: "Do the things you fear, and the death of fear is sudden."

Racism is a sin and destroys every thing in its wake. Bigotry, hatred, ignorance and greed are like seeds that if sown will continue to grow.

If some of the shepherds stand on their pulpits every Sunday morning and don't speak out; how then should we, the fallen sheep feel?

"Hypocrisy is the highest form of deceit."

Why, I ask you, does it seem that Church revenue, popularity or attendance is more important then feeding God's sheep?

I wonder how some religious leaders sleep at night, when it seems that they have not done the thing that is so pleasing to God; speaking the truth no matter what the consequences.

We are all called on by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to not leave one stone unturned in righting the wrongs of a sinful world.

God promised us that He will not forsake us. Surely He will not forsake those who walk the path of the righteous in doing the things that are right and just.

The shepherds and their flocks shall be exceedingly blessed in all things when their hearts and souls are opened to the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In life, there are those who are guided by wisdom and their love of Jesus Christ. They heed and listen to their hearts and their souls are at peace. Their flocks have been fed and they have no fear.

To those I say, God is looking down on you and saying, "Well done my good and faithful servants, well done."

Dempsey is a member of St. Elizabeth Mother of John the Baptist Parish in St. Louis and is a retired district manager for World Book Childcraft International. 

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