Catholic Medical Association urges lab to end work with Planned Parenthood

Lisa Johnston |

A local pathology lab that examines remains of aborted babies from Planned Parenthood is morally cooperating with evil, and should end its relationship with the abortion provider, according to a letter from the president of the Catholic Medical Association's St. Louis Guild."Your cooperation with Planned Parenthood is real and undeniable," Hillsboro family medicine Dr. David Stansfield wrote to Dr. James Miller, owner of Brentwood-based Pathology Services Inc. "By agreeing to take the human remains of these children aborted at Planned Parenthood, you are facilitating and morally cooperating with this evil."

Founded nearly 100 years ago, the Catholic Medical Association is a national organization that includes physicians, nurses and other health care workers from various branches of medicine, including surgery, pediatrics, family medicine and pathology. Last year, a group of young physicians took the helm and brought the St. Louis Guild back to life. In addition to supporting one another, the local guild serves as a resource for the community in finding Catholic health care professionals, including physicians.

"Our group endeavors to uphold the sanctity of life from conception until natural death," Dr. Stansfield wrote. "We, in no way, can cooperate even remotely with the abhorrent practice of abortion as facilitated in St. Louis by Planned Parenthood."

Earlier this month, Dr. Miller of Pathology Services Inc. testified before a joint House committee about how it provides pathology exams of babies aborted at Planned Parenthood. State law requires that a "representative sample" be sent for pathological examination.

The lab has been providing pathology exams for Planned Parenthood for the past 10 years, according to Dr. Miller's testimony. After the hearing, Dr. Miller told the Review that he was not reconsidering the lab's relationship with Planned Parenthood.

"If we don't do this, someone else will," he said.

"That's true that someone else may take this on, but that's not for him to decide," said Dr. Stansfield. "He has to decide on his own that he's not going to cooperate with evil."

The Missouri Catholic Conference, the public policy arm of the Missouri bishops, also sent a letter to the lab earlier this month, urging it to discontinue its relationship with Planned Parenthood.

"Whether they fully appreciate it or not, your lab workers are part of the assembly line of the abortion industry," MCC executive director Mike Hoey wrote. "As a private business you have no legal obligation to cater to the needs of Planned Parenthood."

The MCC is encouraging Catholics with an action alert to write to Pathology Services Inc., urging the lab to stop helping Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. For information, visit 

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