MCC urges citizens to speak out against MU involvement with Planned Parenthood

The Missouri Catholic Conference is urging Catholics to contact the University of Missouri to ask it revoke medical privileges for abortion doctor Colleen McNicholas, .

Last week, MU chancellor R. Bowen Loftin appeared before the Missouri Senate Interim Committee on the Sanctity of Life and acknowledged that a professor at the university had "facilitated" the granting of medical privileges to McNicholas, a St. Louis doctor who is providing medical abortions at the Planned Parenthood in Columbia.

E-mails obtained by the MCC revealed assistant university teaching professor Kristin Metcalf-Wilson, using her university e-mail account, recruited McNicholas, and the university assisted in granting her hospital privileges. Metcalf-Wilson also works as a nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri.

The university granted McNicholas "refer and follow" privileges, despite the fact that McNicholas doesn't live in the Columbia area, and can't treat patients at the university if they experience a complication.

Missouri law prohibits public funds, public employees or public facilities being expended for performing or assisting an abortion, or encouraging or counseling a woman to have an abortion. (Mo. Rev. Stat. §188.205, 188.210, and 188.215)

To sign a pre-composed letter to MU chancellor Loftin, see or write to:

R. Bowen Loftin

105 Jesse Hall

University of Missouri

Columbia, MO 65211 

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