Covenant Network radiothon upcoming

Covenant Network radio, a network of Catholic radio stations in the Midwest, is preparing for their annual radiothon fund raiser. The radiothon will take place the week of September 22-26. Visit the Covenant Network website, or listen during the radiothon, for information on how to donate or help Covenant Network.

Covenant Network is a listener-supported apostolate that provides solid Catholic teaching to its listeners. Some of the voices on Covenant familiar to those in the St. Louis area include Bishop Robert Hermann, Msgr. Michael Witt, Deby Schlapprizzi and Elizabeth Westhoff. Covenant also provides EWTN programming, including shows hosted by Teresa Tomeo, Mother Angelica and Patrick Madrid.

Click on the podcast player below to hear Elizabeth Westhoff, director of marketing and mission awareness for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, and Deacon Jim Russell, family life coordinator for the Office of Laity and Family Life, discuss how to support Covenant Network's mission.

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