Letters to the editor


As a proud fourth-degree member of the Knights of Columbus, I applaud Archbishop (Robert J.) Carlson for calling the faithful to join him in celebrating his yearly Mass for Religious Freedom.

I have a degree in political science from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and one of the reasons the United States broke away from Great Britain was because Americans wanted to be free from a state-based religion. Today, government officials at all levels are eager to play the role of God. We as Catholics must demonstrate our loyalty to Jesus Christ and His Church instead.

Bernard Schaper

Cathedral Parish

St. Louis

Benefits of Adoration

Thank you for the recent article about the number of priests (Living Our Faith, June 30-July 6). I found it very encouraging. I must ask about the comment on page 12, "the St. Louis Archdiocese ranks first among the largest 79 diocese in number of ordinations per Catholic population." Is this the result of the archdiocese-wide program for all parishes to increase their Eucharistic adoration? If my parents were still alive today, they would both shout, "Yes!" Archbishop (Robert J.) Carlson's greatest legacy to this archdiocese will be taking Eucharistic adoration to the next higher level. Parishes doing one day per week should go to two days per week. Those parishes doing many days per week should share their secrets for such success. The solution to all archdiocese problems is increased Eucharistic adoration. Our remnant is called to increased Eucharistic adoration. Unlock the doors and let us in. Put the deacons in charge of increasing the adoration times. Thank you for the encouragement.

Ted Naegel

Ascension Parish


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