A new Holy Trinity Parish

In praise of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Catholics in Northwest St. Louis County have chosen Holy Trinity as the name for its new parish and school to be formed this year.

In praise of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Catholics in Northwest St. Louis County have chosen Holy Trinity as the name for its new parish and school to be formed this year.

This is one of the latest decisions made as the result of Archbishop Justin Rigali's announcement last October to consolidate three parishes and four elementary schools in Northwest County into one parish and one school. The entire transition will be completed by June 30. It will be the second parish and school currently in the archdiocese to be named Holy Trinity. Most Holy Trinity Parish and School are located in North St. Louis City.

The parishes to be consolidated are St. Gregory and St. Kevin in St. Ann and St. William in Woodson Terrace. The new Holy Trinity Parish will be located at the current St. Gregory site, 3500 St. Luke Lane at St. Gregory Lane.

Holy Trinity School will be located at the current St. Kevin School site, 10901 St. Henry Lane. The schools at St. Gregory, St. Kevin, St. Williams and All Souls in Overland will consolidate to form Holy Trinity School. All Souls Parish will remain open. In addition, children living in St. Jude Parish in Overland, which does not have a school, have been invited to register at Holy Trinity School.

Father John Leykam, current pastor at St. Kevin Parish, is expected to be named pastor of the new Holy Trinity Parish. Margaret Ahle, current principal at St. Kevin School, has been named principal of the new Holy Trinity School.

In a recent interview with the Review, Father Leykam said that a letter was mailed in January to Catholics at St. Gregory, St. William and St. Kevin inviting them to suggest names for the new parish. He gave several examples of reasons why the name was chosen.

"The obvious reason is to praise and honor the Father, Son and Holy Spirit," he said. "But it could also represent the uniting of our three parishes." In addition, "as three persons are one God, our parish families should come together as one family, united in our worship and praise of our one triune God. If we want three churches to be united into one, what better name than the Holy Trinity?"

Plans for Holy Trinity School are also coming along, Father Leykam said. "It's a tremendous enrollment. Right now, we're at 453 children from preschool to eighth grade," he noted. "It's a tremendous testimony of our parents to the value that they place on Catholic education."

In addition, teachers from the four schools forming Holy Trinity have been offered contracts for the 2002-2003 school year. "They have until the end of April to accept the contracts," Father Leykam said.

In other news, the clergyman said that the parishioners have been holding meetings for new ministries to be formed at Holy Trinity, including a senior center and teen program. "We already have 12 applications for the position of youth minister," he said. "We're very excited about the quality of the resumes."

Father Leykam noted a talk given by Rev. Mr. William Preismeyer, deacon at St. Gregory Parish, at a recent prayer and Benediction service for the consolidating parishes.

Deacon Preismeyer "spoke about the fact that just as a mother who conceives a child in the womb has nine months for the child to grow and develop and give birth, so too, (Holy Trinity is) now entering our last trimester" of development.

"How very important it is just as for a mom that we pray, get the right amount of rest and try ... to contribute in such a way from God's gifts to us so that the whole parish will come to birth in a very healthy and positive fashion."

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