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Pope: Big Bang does not push aside God, author of evolutionary process

Pope Francis tells Pontifical Academy of Sciences that God's existence does not contradict the discoveries of science.

Until death do us part: Planning ahead for a loved one's funeral, burial

It's a life decision that can make some people uncomfortable, but planning ahead for your -- or a loved one's -- funeral and burial can have its benefits.

Nun Buddies: SSNDs and Notre Dame High students forge special friendships through partnership

Whether taking selfies with sisters, or playing soccer for souls, men and women let their vocations shine during National Vocation Awareness Week, Nov. 2-8. 

Relic procession at St. Francis de Sales Oratory honors life and faith of St. Louis IX

St. Louis relic procession and Vespers at St. Francis de Sales Oratory a testament to the life of city's patron 

Halloween: Another secularization of a Catholic tradition

The vigil of All Saints Day starts a Catholic celebration commemorating the communion of saints.