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Statement from Catholic, Lutheran leaders expresses dismay over harvesting body parts from abortion

Archbishop Carlson, Rev. Dr. Harrison say Planned Parenthood videos are just the “tip of the iceberg” of atrocities of abortion

Pope says synod is not parliament, but place to listen to Holy Spirit

The synod is not a convention or a parliament, Pope Francis said, "but an expression of the Church; it is the Church that walks together to read reality with the eyes of faith and with the heart of God." 

Pope Francis focused on immigration, religious freedom, climate change and more in U.S. visit

Pope’s trip to United States highlighted importance of family life, inclusive attitudes toward immigrants, religious freedom and action on climate change. See full coverage, including pictures, stories and videos at

‘Awake My Soul’ at Cor Jesu Academy stirs high school students’ faith

About 85 high school students attended an adoration/praise and worship event at Cor Jesu Academy. Carol Bauer, director of campus ministry at Cor Jesu, said "Awake My Soul" takes the "traditional Benediction and infuses it with the music and reflections that come straight from the young people." 

World Meeting of Families: 'Love is Our Mission'

Sessions, talks at the World Meeting of Families focused on the family as vital to building the Church for the future.

Pro-lifers prepare for spiritual battle at Helpers of God's Precious Infants Mass, procession

Pro-lifers stand across from Planned Parenthood supporters as a prayerful witness in prayer.