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Relic procession at St. Francis de Sales Oratory honors life and faith of St. Louis IX

St. Louis relic procession and Vespers at St. Francis de Sales Oratory a testament to the life of city's patron 

Canceled Masses become a reason to build interracial ties

St. Cronan Parish canceled Masses at the parish for a weekend due to a marathon in the area, and parishioners were invited to attend Mass at St. Augustine in a show of racial solidarity.

Miracle healing service points to the one who heals -- Jesus

A miracle healing service with Damian Stayne sought to help people discover Jesus’ healing power. Attendees claimed to have received healings there of various conditions ranging from sight and hearing deficiencies to lower-body ailments.

Halloween: Another secularization of a Catholic tradition

The vigil of All Saints Day starts a Catholic celebration commemorating the communion of saints.

Creating love from stones: Lessening tension of police-involved shootings in Shaw neighborhood and Ferguson

In Ferguson and the Shaw neighborhood, residents look for ways to build up communities in prayer and fellowship following protests. Read more stories here.