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SteubySTL Week 1 inspires faith in record-breaking gathering

Steubenville STL Mid-America youth conference inspires an atmosphere of prayer and excitement among almost 5,000 attendees.

Pro-life walkers and cyclists take to the roads to promote pro-life message

Biking for Babies and Crossroads converged for a weekend of raising awareness of the pro-life movement.

Messengers of Peace in Colombia continue to grow — in men and sheep

Community receives five postulants, parish and sheep for the needy; Messengers of Peace in Colombia continue to grow — in men and sheep.

Adoption coordinator, ‘God’s hand’ touches lives

Mary Ann Hoeynck, retiring from Good Shepherd Children and Family Services, talks about the societal changes in adoptions and attitudes.

Marriage, Love, Life

Fifty years later, landmark document continues to guide Church teaching on marriage, sancitity of human life and rejection of contraception.