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Fontbonne students provide business boost for Ferguson burger bar

Fontbonne students help Ferguson business develop post-unrest business plan 

Nothing but prayer at youth event hosted by Dominican friars

St. Dominic Priory hosted a night of prayer and worship called "Non Nisi Te." The title comes from a story in which St. Thomas Aquinas desired as a reward "Nothing but you, Lord." 

Father Ron Chochol picks olives for peace in Palestinian territory

Father Ron Chochol took part in an olive-picking program to  help Palestinian farmers in the West Bank who aren't allowed to have other Palestinians help because of Israeli restrictions on gatherings. 

Veterans court offers a chance at redemption

Veterans court in St. Charles County is an example of how intense supervision and mentoring allows veterans to turn their lives around. 

Flat tire fails to deflate priest's mission in Ferguson

Father Art Cavitt relates his travel troubles to freedom at monthly Faith in Ferguson prayer service.